In Memory of Little One and Chrystal, Little One could not cross the Rainbow Bridge so she came to fetch her best friend and half sister to cross it with her, they passed away within 5 days of each other, were born on the same day 3 years apart, Theirs was a love that could not be shared, and could not be parted, Little one would have been 14 yrs on the 16 th June and Chrystal would have been 11yrs on the 16 th June 2011, A greater love was never known, and I miss you both so much my little girls, there will never be another Chow that could take your places in my heart. Gone are a long line of Meltari Chow chow, You will never be forgotten and always loved. Rest in peace over that Rainbow Bridge where all your family has been waiting for you, and where one day I will be met by you with your love and blue kisses, your happy voices, and your undying love. I miss you both so much.