My official name is Geraldina, but since my birth 64 years ago my name is Ted.
My first Chow came in 1964, Lynne is my mumber 8. Once I had 4 Chows together.
In 1995 and 1998 I had a litter, 6 and 5 pups, with the Kennelname Pan-Ki-Rit.
From both litters a female stayed here, Anwha Li-Li and Brill-Lao-Saira..
Now I am since one year a member of the Dutch Chow Chow Club administration.
Four years ago I stopped working as a physiotherapist and enjoy now my freedom with
my Lynne. Last year she became Dutch Champion and yes Bitch of the year 2008,
the last is a once in a lifetime chance.
Great to see you from S.A with your Chows on the forum BTT, welcome there.
If you want to put pictures from Lynne on your site, it's o.k. with me.
Are you speaking a little dutch, afrikaans too? Please visit our NCCC website,  we have a great forum there too, with many
beautiful pictures.