I got my first K.U.S.A. Registered Chow Chow in 1982, and this started a great love affair, Lady was just a small little ball of fluff, 6 weeks old and the sweetest thing I had ever owned, At that time we lived in a penthouse on the top of Park Central in the center of Johannesburg, How was I allowed to keep a dog in a penthouse you may ask your self, but quite a few of the residents had dogs and the caretaker had 4 of her own although they were very much smaller then my Chow would be when she was grown. These first stories are dedicated to the memory of Lady, Tessa, and Monique Halley and Ushka and of course Leo. These first stories are told by some of the dogs themselves.
This was the question I asked myself when I set my eyes on the first Chow I had ever seen.

Often I would see these beautiful animals riding around on the back of a bakkie, through the streets of Ladysmith and they overawed me. They were the most beautiful dogs I had ever seen.

One day while I was working in a bookshop, the owner of the Chows a Mr. Prinsloo parked his van outside and came into the shop to order a book. I plucked up the courage to ask him just what kind of dogs He bred. To answer my question he went out to his van and brought in the most beautiful six-month-old puppy I had ever seen. He told me he had just imported this dog from the United Kingdom and that his name was Hanoi Tazu of Karloo. Now at that time I had no idea of what his Title meant but I could see that he really was one of the best, and it was then that I decided that I too would one day own a Chow Chow like Tazu.

Today almost 10 years later I do own a dog like Tazu and I am very fond of her. She may not be a Champion but I know that she is one of the best Chows in South Africa today and that she will hopefully be able to be the mother of future champions.

Tazu was a red Chow and as a small puppy looked like a lovely red Teddy bear, and it is thanks to Mr Prinsloo that my interest in these lovely animals grew. I don't know if Tazu is still alive, but on going through many of the Kennel Union's old records, I came across an entry that he had become a Champion.

You can just imagine the lovely sight I saw when I saw those Chow Chows riding around on the back of the bakkie, their fur shining red in the bright sunlight. They were the only Chow Chows in Ladysmith at the time and I felt that they were a very special kind of dog, to be owned by very special people.

Today I know that very special people own Chows Chows, and it is only Chowists that love and understand these fantastic animals I am pleased to say that I have made many very good friends amongst the Chow World. I have also been able to sell my special puppies to people who love the breed as much as I do.

Chow Chows in my home are like my children and are so treated, they are given the best of care, and I never stint on medical care. A rise in temperature will be taken to our Vet for a Checkup.

Mr. Prinsloo you were the start of my love for these dogs and my first chow although not a pedigree was a very special animal. (See Kimiko's story) Since those days I have owned many Chow Chows.
And it is now with thanks to Mr. Johan Naude, Mr. Andries and Lia Du Toit and Mr. and Mrs. Myburg, that I have been able to put my Kennel name on the Map

I am very grateful to all you wonderful friends and hope that our Chow Chow's will go from strength to Strength.