Bringing up Sezar
He was just six weeks old when he came to live with us, a cute little baby Bear, and he loved everyone, this included the other chows of our house hold, young and old alike. His favorite was out tiny blue chow Tanya, He just loved her and she loved him back, she cleaned him and even tried to feed him, but Sezar was destined to grow, and this he did, you could almost see him growing after each meal he ate, he just grew and grew.
He loves the Rain and plays with the hosepipe, whether it is on or not.
Paddles in his water bowl and I can never keep him dry, so I bought a bigger bowl, that he could not get in too. Well it did not stop him, at that time We had very heavy rain and this lasted for nearly a week, He loved it and
flew around the garden getting as wet as he possibly could, I had the jobof trying to get him dry, every evening once I got home from work. putting him under the hair dryer is no joke, but he eventually started to enjoy this as well and would stand and allow me to dry him. It was during this time that he caught a bad cold, and had to have a visit to the Vet, bronchitis said Charles, keep the little bugger dry, and gave him a shot of antibiotics, of course Sezar did not like this treatment from a stranger and tried to bite him, I guess he is going to need training said Charles, The devil must be gotten out of him.
And I had to agree , If I was hoping to show this lovely puppy. Now our darling Sezar whose name really suits his cheeky attitude, is five months old, a very very pretty puppy except for where I cut the fur fromunder his chin and chest when he was getting so wet that it made him sick.
he has had all his injections and deworming and is healthy loveable bundle of joy, very square and compact with very good bone, not to tall or to short, But he does have a few bad habits, he insists that I get up at 5.04 every morning to give him his breakfast, he bangs on the veranda door, and if that does not work, he barks and barks until he wakes the whole house hold up. He then flies inside to the kitchen and stands looking at the fridge until I get his plate and feed him. At first he hated the car and cried and cried and barked as loud as he could, but now he is Ready to go, he is going to training lessons on a Saturday afternoon, and loves it, he walks like a dream on the lead and loves to show himself, he knows that he is a winner, and is slowly starting to allow other humans to handle him as well , at first he growled and tried to bite, but he was only nervous, he still drops his tail If he is not sure of someone, but once away and walking up it comes and he is his smiling self once again.
When he was 3 months old Robin was given a little Doberman Bitch puppy, and Sezar loves to play with her, she will soon have to start her lessons, As she is growing like a horse, and is also well accepted by the other Chows and the Maltese..
As our home has large grounds for the dogs to play in, it is not necessary to walk them every day like we used to do in Hillbrow, but I do miss my Sunday walk, but it is to dangerous to walk them in this area of Pinetown, there have been a lot of attacks, and muggings, and I don't intend being a victim ever again. Sezar will be going to his first open show on the 9th November, and then the following weekend he will be representing the Natal Chows at the World of Dogs and Cats.