Hello again all you Chowists, I hope this is a wonderful New Year, even though it started with a bang.
I was going shopping with my mistress, to the O.K. Bazaars on the Saturday morning on the 11.1.1987, I go with her every Saturday morning, think she feels safe with me close to her, and she needn't worry about pick pocket thieves, when I am around. The shop windows had been shattered by a bomb that had been set off the
Day previously and a lot of damage had been done, now because of this they were having a sale on the ground floor, everything was going at the price of 2 for 1. There was still Christmas decorations hanging in one
Of the windows, which were also advertising a record "Stille Nag" these are definitely not silent nights or days.
If you have never been in a large store, you would be amazed at what goes on there, with hundreds of humans milling about and buying things that they don't really need. Well my mistress needed a couple of new T-shirts and as everything was going cheap, she thought now was the time to buy what she needed.
Now because I am a dog, I really don't like being in a crowd of people pushing and showing, but I take it in my stride and have never even had my paws trodden on. People especially the dark ones, tend to keep out of my way as I think they are a little afraid of me, and I growl and show my teeth If they do come to close for comfort. Well my mistress was standing on one side of the counter away from the queue.
After buying her T-shirts and was waiting for her friend Mandy to pay for her purchases, when we saw the police, coming into the building, they were telling the Humans to please leave the store, due to a bomb.
Now I don't know what a bomb is, and have never seen or even tasted one but the way people started pushing and screaming and running towards the exits, this must be something very nasty, so I lay down close to the
Floor, at my mistresses feet and tucked my head beneath my paws, She called Mandy and together they stood well away from the mad people rushing for the doors, People of all colors rushed passed us to get out, I have never seen humans so afraid in my life. I growled my fear, and crept closer to my mistress. One dark man went running straight through the plate glass window, there was blood everywhere, and a white lady due to whelp, was pushed over and trampled on, Thank heavens my mistress had the sense to stand still and not join the rushing crowd of humans, as I am sure I would have been hurt, or I might have bitten somebody. Once the store was nearly empty we calmly
Walked out, safe and sound, only to hear that it was only a bomb scare and that there was no bomb.