Lukes Nightmare and Kennels all shiny new
We were awakened by a screaming dog, who sounded like he was in absolute agony, Robin and I ran outside with the torch, not thinking to put on the outside lights, the unholy screaming was coming from Luke's kennel, we shone the light into their run and Trisha seemed to be O.K. but Luke could not move, We went into the run and climbed on the top of his kennel with him, he had got this toe caught in a small hole on the top of the kennel, Now the Kennel is made out of metal and after looking to see what the problem was and calming him down, I said to Robin to run and get the wire cutters, and to see if we could cut the hole bigger and thus be able to get his toe out, While Robin very carefully and gently cut the metal away Luke never said a word, he seemed to know that we were trying to help him and within a few minutes he was free, we had pored a cup of cooking oil over his foot and he was far more interested in licking the cooking oil up then worrying about his toe, Thankfully there was no harm done, and the following morning he was walking around on all four feet, If this had happened in America, or maybe else where in the world, 911 would have been called to get him free.
It's not Christmas yet but close enough to it, the date is 19 November 200l and today Carol bought us some nice new shiny wooden kennels to sleep in and just in time because I know it's going to rain very hard, I was a bit worried as I like to sleep on top of my old kennel and when I saw all these new ones, I thought I would have to learn to sleep on the ground like every one else, but no Carol had made a plan as usual and when she took out my old kennel I was very reluctant to say good bye to it, as it had been home for two years and it smelt of me, Well she took out my kennel and them Alex's Kennel and then she and Robin her son carried in out new ones, first she placed Alex's one on the ground and then she put my kennel on top of Alex's, as she knew I would not sleep on the ground, then she placed a roof over mine that would act as a roof for both of our kennels, I was very suspicious at first and would not go into it, it smelt different, not the homely smell of the old one, but it looked far more comfortable, and when she put in my piece of carpet then it started to look and smell a bit like home, Alex refused point blank to go into his, So guess what old Sidjen pinched it even though she had a nice fiberglass kennel of her own, so now if Alex wants to keep out of the rain then he has to share the new kennel with Sidjen or use her old one, Tammy and Archie also got new kennels, and Archie could not wait to get into his, he tried to get into it before Robin and Carol and even managed to get the roof on and of course he does not mind sharing it with Tammy, Gucci now loves her kennel and it is not easy to get her to come out of it, as she is nice and warm. Skye and Sinjon also got one but Skye like me likes to sleep on top, she has a long bench in her kennel which is sheltered by the roof, and this she likes to clime up onto and go to sleep, weather it rains, hails or is boiling hot, Sinjon smelt the new kennel and that was it a new home for an old boy, Trish and Luke also got a new kennel and they take turns sleeping in it, as both of them like to sleep up on the old deepfreeze's that where put into their run for them to sleep in, and keep them out of the rain, but the new kennel has slightly changed their way of living. Denim got the spare lid put over his kennel, and is also now kept dry. We have had some terrible rain in the last few days and I as well as all the other Chows and the Dobermans are very grateful for the lovely Christmas present Carol has given us. Even though it may be a bit early.