The Sun rises very early in the morning, and by 6am our flat is lit by daylight, Monique, Halley and myself have our kennels out on the balcony, which is open to the sunshine and all weather conditions, we each have our kennel, and our runs are made out of swimming pool fencing and are quite roomy We have a nice wooden box in which to sleep and these also protect us from the rain and the midday sun. Our kennels are spacious enough for us to play in and to keep us out of any harm. Monique is kenneled separately from Halley and myself, we share adjoining kennels, and this is only because Monique and I are not the best of friends and will fight if given the chance. Up until now Halley shared his kennel with Monique, but now he is old enough to be on his own, and he resents it, but he is not alone as he has both of us to keep him company during the day.
On awakening in the morning, each of us takes a turn to go into the flat to be with our humans, and we love this, as the first place I make for is Carol's bed, Halley of course, goes to the Kitchen, to share his breakfast with our four cats. Monique loves Robin and wakes him every morning for work. But we have each other for company and the cleaning girl comes in every day; She always comes to see us as she fed all of us when we were very young - so we trust her. I must admit I can't wait till five o'clock in the afternoon, when Carol comes home from work. This is the time for our walk in the park. First of all Halley and I spend a lovely time running and playing catch in the dog park across the road from our flat.

This dog park was kindly erected for our use by the park board, after my Mistress wrote them a letter, requesting that a dog park be erected for all the city dogs. So, of course, we have to share it with a few other dogs. We spend a half an hour in the park, then it's time to go back home and Monique has her turn. After this it's suppertime and then we all get a to lie around the flat until bedtime at about 11pm. Weekends we love, because our mistress is home all day and we (that's Monique, Halley and I) are allowed inside for four hours each during The day, one at a time, then we spend two hours in the park.
Sundays are our favorite days as we either go to a dog show, or we go for a long walk around Hillbrow. Being admired by a great many people! Halley still being young does not walk very fast and now and again he has to be carried, which is difficult, as he is very heavy.
He does not like crowds or noisy places. After our long walk its back home, in time for supper and the to bed, and a good restful night, before the start of another week. I must admit, we are all rather spoilt, but then we are also loved very much and are treated as part of our family.
I, myself, have been to work a few times with my mistress when her doctor is away. You see - I may not be able to talk the human language but I can understand her.

Well my friends, now you know what life is like on the top of the roof- The Kennels in the Sky! It can be done and we are healthy living proof of it. Between Monique and I, we have raised 15 puppies so far, up here in the Sky. Where there is no chance of Parvo Virus, ticks or fleas.
Our kennels are cleaned each day and washed down once a week with antiseptic. Members are always welcome to come and visit our "Kennels in the Sky".