I'm in the movies


The great day has come, we have been invited to see a preview of ourselves in a great movie called "You're in the Movies" You all know about my days filming so let me tell you now about our evening at the movies. We went with our human companions, Carol, Rick and Robin, who took us into the Cinema, we went up a lot of stairs before coming to what they decided were suitable seats, Carol, Rick and Robin sat down, then Leo and I made ourselves comfortable on two extra seats, I sat close to Leo as I felt a little nervous, this was the first time I had ever been in a cinema, and all these people around me were rather frightening. I looked at Leo and then placed my paw on top of his, feeling a little comforted. The lights dimmed and everything went black, the curtains opened and I saw what looked like a giant TV screen, now I often watch TV but never expected to see anything like this. As the film started, first up was Robin, spinning around in a post box, well I knew it was Robin, as he told me so himself, I turned and gave him a big lick. As the film progressed I was faced with the biggest gorilla I had ever seen it seemed to jump right out at us and I barked at it and almost landed on Leo's front paws. We both got such a fright. There were lots of scenes in which I saw Rick, and Leo stretched over me to give him a big lick As well, I guess no one could miss him and his bald spot on his head.
Suddenly I saw Leo, on the screen, and I was so excited, I barked so loudly and at the same time upset my popcorn all over the floor. Oh he looked so handsome and all shining black, how lucky I was to have a boyfriend likes him.
Then suddenly before my very eyes "That's me" I barked, I was so excited "Did you see me" I licked my mistress’s face all over, She looked good as well, and I was walking backwards, really walking backwards.
I looked lovely and my fur was shining clean I was really proud of myself "Woof Woof" I'm so happy.
Well I am not going to say to much about the movie, as I hope you are all going to see it, as it will be the last time you see Leo He was sold to new owners a few weeks ago and I have been very heart broken, but he made me pregnant before he went, so I hope to have some little ones just like him soon. After the movie, we went to the Cheese and wine party, I love Cheese and wine, but Leo does not. We were congratulated by the Directors and the producer and patted on the head by just about everyone. It was a really grand time for us all.
By six o Clock we went home all a little tipsy, but I was a very happy little Chow Chow.