Everything is upside down, there are boxes of all sizes all over the place, I just can't understand what is happening around here.
Carol keeps on coming outside to the balcony and tells us we are going to live in a nice house with Rick and his woman friend Christie, well I know Rick so I wag my tail gaily, and when let out of my kennel, go and sit at the front door waiting for him to come.

Over the last few days, Robin and Rick have been moving all the boxes filled with goods that really belong back on the shelves. The walls are bare and the carpets are all rolled up so that when Halley barks the flat sounds empty and echoes.

This morning Carol brought over our leads to the balcony and we all thought we were going for a walk to Hillbrow, but no again she said we were going to live in a house, Just what is a house, I really don't know. I have the very slight remembrance of my very early days
of puppy hood when I played on a lot of soft green stuff but that's all I can remember. Tessa says a house is where people live , like a flat but no closed rooms that go up and down to get to the different homes, and there is usually lots of green stuff to play on She says
when she still lived with her Mom and Uncle Coens he used to love to play when the skies fell and made the green stuff wet. She believed the humans called this rain and grass, but Tessa is very much wiser, so I won't argue with her. I just hope Carol takes us with her, as well as all the cats. Well Rick helped me into the care as my legs are sore, and he had to lift up little Monique No 2 as she can't even climb the step Then with Halley and Tessa's well as the three cats, and the three birds, the two tanks of fish, we were off. Ten minutes later we arrived at the house, what a mess, with boxes all over the place. We were taken around the back yard, that's what its called anyway, and there waiting for us were our new homes. All covered in this green stuff Tessa told us about. Halley of course had to try all the trees out first, and little Monique just wanted to play with her sisters. I was tired after my journey so settled down in my new kennel to sleep the rest of the morning.

We have been here for a week now, and I rather like it, The ground is soft and my box is snug and war Although my leg is a bit sore, I am happy and relaxed. Halley says he prefers the flat, but I am sure he will soon settle in. Tessa loves it and flies around like a mad thing It reminds her of her early days and of course our little Monique is thrilled to have her sisters Angelique and Jamie to play with. To her life is just a bowl of ice-cream and popcorn but she is still a puppy so I let her enjoy herself.Suddenly we are now eight, myself (Lady) , Halley, Tessa, Monique, Angelique, Jamie, my grand son Dr.Jon and of course my daughter Julie Quite a happy family don't you think. We as well as our humans have all settled down, and I think we are going to rather enjoy staying in a house