Yesterday as most of you know was the S.P.C.A.'s dog show, The day of the Mutt. Which I was forced to attend, by my humans wanting to give a little help to less fortunate Mutts. I also had to play nursemaid to Lady's two 10 week old playful horrors.
Well it turned out to be quite a warm day and thanks to the S.P.C.A. a lot of water troughs were placed around for the "Mutts" to drink out of.
Let me tell you a little about the others. But first of all I must tell you there were five of us Chow Chow's at the show. a nice male called "Shogun."
And of course the terrible black twins Julie and Leo. If this had been a breed show we may have stood a chance, but against all the mutts, well I suppose we were just not in their lower class or the judges had never seen one of us before and thought we were from another planet. Not one of us Chows won a prize, but we did get our photos taken for TV. The first class was for the most disabled dog and the prize went to a little mutt that had lost her front leg in a car accident. I thought the dog that had been savaged and had had a broken neck should have won as she was a grand 21 years old and still very beautiful except for her raw and open sores that were trying to heal. The next class was the dog that could do the best tricks. The winner here was a little black scruffy dog that could climba step ladder as well as ride pillion on a He really deserved the first prize as he was terrific. I barked my appreciation at him. My mistress was a volunteer in this class and she had to pretend that she was being molested by a man. I did not like the idea very much, but she always does what she wants and she is not afraid of any animal. I was terrified just watching her and shut my eyes tight expecting the worst to happen. The man's was a Mastiff and very large. As the man put his arms around my mistress the dog got between them and even tried to pull my mistress away. I was very frightened of him but she seemed to enjoy it. Well they took 3rd prize and I was very proud of her afterwards. The next class that came up was for the most unusual Mutt. Now I think I am unusual as I have a blue tongue, but the judges did not think so and the prize went to a Husky which had yellow eyes. if only I had yellow eyes and a blue tongue I might have won. "But I soon got my revenge! Two bitches one an Irish Wolfhound and the other an Alsation kept getting in my way, so I nipped them both on the backsides and gave them and their owners a nasty fright. oh yes I got a smack for doing it but my fur is so thick I did not feel a thing You see I just hate Irish Wolfhounds, great big things think they can push us little Chow Chow's around, and ugly plain Alsations, this one was not even pure bred anyway. Well the other classes are hardly worth mentioning but I was nearly placed in the best kept pedigree but was knocked out in the final judging. I'd really like to take a nip out of the judges as well.. It's all so very frustrating when you have been shampooed and groomed for hours, and they don't even run their hands over your soft fur, but they are all patting the dirty dogs that have never seen a bath in years. They are not real Judges, just TV stars playing a different game for the day Anyway we Chows had a good day and were admired by so many people. My head was throbbing by the time I got home from all the patting. I did not even feel like eating my supper. All I wanted to do was go to sleep. Not even Lady bothered to ask me how things went as she did not go with. She could see I was just worn out. Lady and I are the only ones who know I may be pregnant, but my mistress will have to wait a few more week to find out, as I am not going to tell her yet. See my story (the facts and fancies of a non pregnant bitch)
Anyway we all had a good gay at the Mutt show and hope the S.P.C.A. gets lot's of money to help other Mutts. By the way I heard that one of South African Chows was placed in the finals at the Crufts show in England. How true this is I do not know but the dog was bought from a breeder in Joubert Park, could this have been one of my children? I dearly love to think so!