From the title of this story, and the change of address, you must presume that things did not work out well for us sharing a house. Carol packed all her things, Rick packed them into the old blue Combi, and once again we stated to move, and guess where we are going to,
our first flat of course, this hopefully will now be the permanent home of the Meltari Chow Chows. So any one who is looking for us, will find us up the Sky, away from the wet cold damp grass, away from Eczema, flees, files and ticks, back home where we really belong.

Little Monique had rather a nasty accident at the house, after climbing the back steps, which are rather steep, she dislocated her left hip and her right knee, and after a lot of pain, she is now slowly coming right. Because at the flat she can sleep inside in the warmth and she
is being treated by homeopathic remedies, which are now beginning to take effect.

Here at the flat we are in close contact with Carol and get more attention then we did at the house, for there we were not allowed inside I would say in my doggy way that things are really looking up for thebetter, and now that Robin has a job selling art, and some really
lovely pictures, I do hope you will all support him by buying one sometime, A good piece of art work is a treasure to own. Now my mistress spoke to the Chow Chow judge Mr. C. Shyrock at the Pretoria show and he has agreed to try and promote her book in America this is the book of the Chow Chow in South Africa. Now what we need is Photographs of your Chow Chows to be included in her book which will be sent to America at the end of June. All photos will be sent with the book.