He came to live with us four years ago, He was then just 5 years old, he was one of the most beautiful Chows I have ever seen, I fell in love with him at first sight, and within a week Arthur as he was called, why I will never know, as he really was not an Arthur, Golden Boy would have suited him better, but Arthur he was and Arthur he stayed, We were soon getting on very well together, he knew I loved him and he soon learnt to trust me, and then to love me. We were unable to show this lovely Chow, as we were unable to find his original owners, I knew his breeder, but she could not help me, We even went onto the Web but could not find them, I even tried the ITC but without an ID number, this did not help, so Arthur became a pet, where he should have been a Champion, I could not even use him for breeding as his puppies would not be able to be registered, but Arthur was a wonderful pet, he loved playing football, he would hit the ball with his paws and dribble it around the lawn like a professional football player, he never ever chewed up any ball or toy he was given, he would carefully place them in his kennel, these belonged to him and not to any one else, he lived with Gucci our blind rescue chow, and he loved her and she him, he would many a time lead her away from danger, like taking the wrong step and landing up in the dam, of which she did a few times when we first moved onto our small holding, but Arthur soon learnt to look after her. He was also very gentle with the puppies, especially if they were female, he loved the ladies, There was only one thin Arthur was not very happy with and that was my red dressing gown, when I ore it he would do his best to get it off me, and if he had been given his way, he would have dad it and most probably torn it up and laced it in his kennel to cuddle up and keep warm on, Arthur hated getting his feet wet, but loved the rain, he used to sleep on a pallet of wood above the ground so if it was raining his coat would get wet, and his feet tucked under him to keep them dry, crossing puddles in the lawn was another thing he would walk the length of the puddle, looking for the narrowest part where he could very carefully sort of skip over, making sure his paws would land on a dry spot on the oppersite side and when crossing back over the same puddle he would reverse his steps, and cross back in the same spot he had used before. Arthur did not like cats, Big cats, medium cats or even tiny kittens, given half a chance he would try his best to chase them but cats are not stupid, Arthur was in the run during the day and the cats stayed on the outside of the run, they did not trust the chows at all, even though they had been brought up with them. He also did not like the Egyptian Geese, their quacking made him mad, and he would continuously bark at them it was quite something to listen to the three of them, that is Arthur and the two geese, having a conversation, what they talked about I will never know and don't even know if they understood each other, Many a time he would sit and watched me while I was on the small boat on the dam, and he would sit and watch the Koi swimming past, but he never attempted to bet into the dam to try and catch them, But all good things must come to and end and soon Arthur's time started to run out, he got sick with a gastric torsion, but the first time I managed to save him, but four weeks later it happened again and although my son robin and I stayed up al night with him, I decided that it would be kinder in the long run to put this lovely chow to sleep, I miss you Arthur and will never forget you and your wonderful ways, May you rest in peace now.