Hello I'm Dr Halley. As you might have guessed by my name I have been called after Dr Edmond Halley, the man who gave his name to the Comet that is now passing our small planet Earth. I am one of a litter of six puppies three boys and three girls, I am now twelve weeks old, and am a lovable bundle of fur, a real live teddy bear. Last Saturday, I went to my first show with the permission of the Club secretary. Every on stopped to pat me and cuddle me and I gave friendly licks to all, before the show, I went for a walk on my lead around the show grounds with my Mistress. We looked at the other dogs, there but found nothing to compare with us Chows. As we were passing some people sitting on the grass, a man let go of his Rottweiler, who, as quick as lightning flew at me. Now as you know I am very small, and I got a terrible fright, when I saw this big brute was going to try and eat me. He just missed me as my Mistress grabbed me up into her arms; she got a nasty fright As well, for the dog could have bitten her as well. She hates these dogs as her Auntie was badly bitten by three of them a few weeks ago in Florida.
Well we went back to our spot, and I had some milk and was examined to see if any harm was done, thankfully not. Soon it was our turn to go to the ring in which we were to be shown. Again on my way, two very large Saint Bernard's that thankfully were tied down also thought I was something to eat, and the both flew at me, choking themselves on their chains.
This was just about enough for one day; I must have been born lucky! Well I was called into the ring and was placed 1st in the Minor Puppy class and then up against Julie, I took best Puppy, now I had to compete against Lady and Monique for the Best of Breed and Best Opposite Sex. Well in this class Lady Loretta surprised all by beating Monique for the first time in her life to take best of Breed and I just a little scrap of fur took best opposite Sex of which I am very proud. All in all it was a lovely afternoon except that I shall never like Rottweiler or St Bernard's ever in my life, just as Monique does not like Irish wolfhounds. I guess the Comet is my guiding star and when I'm older I hope to shine as brightly!