It's Christmas Eve, and this year we have decided to spend it in the safety of our own home. The tree has been decorated, and the lights are flickering on and off there are a few little presents that we have bought for each other, The chickens in the oven and the salads are in the fridge, We are all ready for a day of prayer and peace. But we will not be alone this Christmas; we will be sharing it with a variety of furred and feathered friends. With us will be Leo and Lady and baby Monique the three Chow Chow's, Susie an Diana the cats, Tex the rat, and Romeo and Juliet the two little mice, In their cages will be Fred, Tammy and Storm the cocktails in the fish tank is Cleopatra and Caesar the two goldfish. Outside we will also share our day of peace with the pigeons and two little wild doves. For you see Christmas is a time of loving and sharing, and our love for our animals comes before our love of visiting friends.
For they are helpless creatures of God and he has given them into our care and safekeeping. Hanging on the Christmas tree is a little something for each of our animals, a gift of our love.
It's early Christmas morning when I am awakened to the sound of crackling paper coming from the lounge. I look across to see if Robin is up at this early hour, but find that he is still sound asleep. Getting out of bed and silently walking to the door, an amazing sight meets my eyes. The dogs have started Christmas without us. Monique has managed to open a few of the parcels with her baby teeth and lady has helped to decorate the lounge floor as well as the rest of the flat by undoing the toilet roll and scattering it all over the floor in small chewed up pieces. Leo has somehow managed to take the little fairy off the top of the tree, and has chewed her all to pieces. Not to say who ate the dog chocolates or the special goodies we had tied onto the tree for them. I stand flabbergasted, unable to say a work, Thank heavens the chicken is in the oven.
The dogs see me, and stand with their heads bowed, almost touching the floor, they know they have done wrong, but Monique [being the smallest] comes up to me, wagging her little tail in welcome, What can one say to three animals you love very much, on Christmas morning you would not scold them if they had been children of the same age, you would have patted their dear little heads and possibly helped them open the rest of their parcels, So that is exactly what I did with my three dogs, I patted them on their heads, and put the outside. While cleaned up the mess. Unfortunately they could not spend to long outside because as soon as I had cleaned up the mess, then down came the rain, so back inside they had to come, by this time I had got Robin up, and we had our breakfast, as well as feed the cats and other animals.
It was now time for the dogs to be groomed before we made our way to church. When you own three Chows the grooming never stops. You cannot miss a day for fear of one of them getting a skin irritation and they must be kept clean at all times. I checked the oven to find the chicken has cooked nicely everything is no ready to us to eat when we get back from church. You may be thinking, what about the dogs, yes they went to church with us and were very well behaved.
After lunch we are all pretty tired from all the good food that has been consumed, and it is now time to rest for a couple of hours, with a nice hot toddy and a new book to read for a while. It’s 4 o clock and is now time to take the dogs for a run in the park the grass is soaking wet, so it's on with old clothes and tackies, anxious dogs now waiting at the front door, ready to go walkies. The minute the door opens they charge out to the lift and wait while I lock the front door, Can you imagine what a hand full it is for two people to take three very strong dogs for a walk. They tie themselves around your legs and around them selves, {Just what Barbara Woodhouse would love] so it's walkies, or let's say jogies, as we make our way to the park just down the road, the dogs leading the way. On arriving at the park we are pleased to see that a lot of others have also taken their dogs walkies, on this Christmas day, so You are afraid to let Leo off the lead, as being male he may go for the other males around, or they may go for him. So poor Leo is kept tied until the other male dogs go home, but in the meantime, you have to keep an eye on Monique and Lady in case they happen to wander off to far on their own, or happen to pick up an old chicken bone that someone has carelessly thrown to the ground, just in front of their very highly sensitive noses. If they happen to find one of these bones you have a job of digging it out of their unyielding mouths.
At last all the other male dogs have gone, and it is o.k. To let Leo off his lead, He may look fierce but really has got a heart of gold and would not harm a flea, but you cannot tell this to strangers.
So Leo is let loose to run and enjoy his freedom. Soon it starts to get dark and it is time to take the dog’s home again.
It is almost the end of another Christmas day, but it has been rather special. It is only when I am alone that I think of the other dogs and cats, that are not as lucky as mine, and wish I could make a New years resolution for other people who have animals, that is if you don't love animals, then don't have them like children they are your responsibility, If you are cruel to animals, are you also cruel to your children? Christmas is for all to share, and the New Year is just around the corner waiting there.